So much of what positively or negatively affects the outcomes associated with any Physician’s management of their Patient’s conditions happens outside their medical office.  Where many Patients who are elderly or disabled and diagnosed with chronic illness are concerned, it happens at home. To follow their Physician’s prescription for diet, medication compliance, avoidance of high risk behaviors, appropriate exercise or not is a daily decision predicated on many influencing factors. PCCM is designed to help Physicians help Patients live healthier by providing Patients a motivating connection with their Physician between office visits and providing Physicians a tool to know when changing influencing factors are interfering with their Patient’s ability and willingness to follow their prescriptions.

chronic care management missouri

PCCM uses a CMS Certified software platform that enables Physicians to pursue population health-based initiatives, closing care gaps and extending their influence into the homes and communities of their Patients. PCCM’s web-based portal ensures the individual Physician’s preferences for each of their Patient’s Plan of Care is curated and available to all members of the Patient’s care team 24/7/365. PCCM’s Care Management software also offers an extensive selection of evidence-based guidelines and programs for Chronic Conditions.